A new kind of technical aid for family planning

You really love being human, but sometimes you really wish you could function like a machine?

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Vulnus Health Inc. is a fictional startup company that develops a chip to determine the days during which a woman is fertile. The chip can serve as an innovative and reliable method of contraception, or it may be used to facilitate a wanted pregnancy.

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"I was more than skeptical of the idea of injecting a chip into my skin. But after 4 years of unfulfilled desire for a child I would have tried every method. And now I can hardly believe my luck. Thanks to Vulnus Health and their data collection, our greatest wish has come true. We will be having a baby <3"

- Kimberley Hudson

"After my body no longer tolerated the contraceptive pill, I was looking for a simple solution. For 8 months, I have aligned my sex life according to the data of Vulnus Health and has not been surprised with a pregnancy."

- Susan S. Hoffman

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